Waterproof vs Water Resistant Clothing

24th May 2022

We posted this blog a couple year ago, however we have had lots of interest recently in the difference between waterproof and water resistant that we thought we would post it again.

We know that shopping for a waterproof jacket, dungaree/trouser or puddlesuit can be a little confusing; some are labelled showerproof or water-resistant and some are labelled waterproof.

We have made shopping super easy at Wet Wednesdays as all of our products are waterproof and tested to withstand the adventures of outdoor play! To help you understand the different levels of waterproofness and what will offer your children the best protection, you need to know the difference between waterproof and water resistant.


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When Should Babies Start Wearing Shoes?

11th May 2022

Your little one’s first pair of shoes is a big milestone, not just for you but for them too! It’s almost the moment when you baby is becoming a toddler, so no wonder so many parents want to get it right.

We understand how footwear impacts walking and we have looked at children’s biomechanics to ensure that when we are developing footwear (like our Bubble Boots) that we can do everything possible to support the natural development of kids’ feet.

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