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Having been brought up in Cornwall and now bringing up my own child in rural Wales, great waterproofs have never been a luxury but one of life's everyday essentials.

We started Wet Wednesdays to provide great yet affordable outdoor clothing that children could play and learn in no matter what the weather. We searched across the world for the best designs, materials and manufacturers. Ultimately, we chose Scandinavia to source our own designs.

Scandinavians live in a much harsher climate. They believe that when you see nature as a big playground you will never run out of ideas and educational possibilities. Counting, measuring, weighing, building, making, growing, decorating, discovering, inventing; the possibilities are endless and you don’t even need to think about how to make outdoor learning fun. It just is!

At Wet Wednesdays, we never challenge the elements, we simply accept and adapt to them. We are passionate about getting families outdoors and to give children a childhood full of outdoor adventures!

Love Lizzie

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