We have put together some of our favourite outdoor Easter activities to do as a family this Easter! Get ready to make the Easter Holidays memorable, so get prepared to love the outdoors.

1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt – Easter Edition.

Everyone loves to do a scavenger hunt! It’s suitable for all ages and helps to encourage children to observe the world around them.
Here are some ideas of what you can look for on your Easter Scavenger Hunt:

  • Spring flowers
  • Something shaped like an egg
  • A birds nest high up in the trees
  • Listen to hear birdsong

2. Plan an Easter Picnic

Easter picnic

Keep your outdoor adventure going with an Easter themed picnic.

Choose a picturesque spot, spread out your blanket and tuck into some yummy eggs. (whether they are hard-boiled, scotch eggs or chocolate).

Just remember that when you are finished, to pack up all your things and take your rubbish home with you or put them in bins if provided.

3. Enjoy a Woodland Easter Walk

Whatever the weather is on Easter, you could take a stroll to discover the sights and sounds of spring.

Little ones will enjoy this time of year as it is a busy time for nature.

spring flowers kids outdoors

Flowers are blooming, fresh green leaves are growing, birds are chirping, and ladybugs are back!

4. Have an Egg & Spoon Race

Now this one is FUN! Whether you go in a straight line, or use the woods and their natural obstacles, this game is a classic! Remember if you are visiting some local woodland to hard-boil your eggs at home, so this way they will survive if they fall off your spoons!… You could also get creative and decorate them and have your own personalised egg.

5. Outdoor Easter Rainy Day Fun

With Easter being in the spring, April Showers are inevitable… but don’t let this stop you going outdoors. Grab your favourite waterproofs & Bubble Boots and go on a rainy-day adventure!

Rainy day easter

This could be splashing through puddles, spotting slugs and snails or skipping in woodland streams – Rainy Days are great fun!

If our Outdoor Activities have helped you plan an Egg-citing Easter, then please let us know by tagging us in on your adventures @WetWednesdays.co.uk or use the hashtag #WetWednesdaysFamily