Earth Day is celebrated each year in April to honour the environmental movement and to raise awareness of the importance of long-term ecological sustainability! The first Earth Day started in 1970 and has been celebrated each year since with over 190 countries taking part.

We want to help you take part too! Here are 5 fun Earth Day Activities for kids to help the planet:

1. Connect with Nature on Earth Day

Take a walk to your local park or explore in the garden!

As your children explore, they can birdwatch and look out for other animals or insects such as frogs, ducks, snails and even worms!

    2. Hang birdseed or create a birdfeeder

    Help feed the birds and have fun doing it, this activity is suitable for all ages and is super easy to do. You can check out how to make a bird feeder here on our RSPB Birdwatch Blog.

      3. Organise an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

      To prepare for this, you can use a list of things and spot as you & your child walk together. You could draw pictures of flowers & plants to look out for, you can spot and identify different birds or write down any wildlife you may see. You could also collect litter and recycle, just make sure you have the proper equipment to use.

        4. Play in a Puddle

        Sometimes even the simplest of activities, end up being the most fun! Go for a walk with your child, make sure they have their Bubble Boots on and jump in the puddles.

        You could get different items like rocks, sticks, or leaves and put them in the puddle to see what happens.

          5. Go for a Bike Ride

          Make a pact to leave the car at home for a day if you can. You could get the bikes or scooters out! This will not only benefit the environment, but it will also be great for your health too! Your kids will have lots of fun. Whatever the weather is, remember to wear a helmet for safety and wear appropriate clothing.

            The best & first way to take part in Earth Day is to get outdoors and explore.

            We know that rain showers are all year round in the UK, but April is known for being one of the wetter months. Hence ‘April Showers’.

            Whether it is rain or sunshine on Earth Day, it is important to get outdoors and do something! Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you and your little ones to have fun and celebrate.

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