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Whilst respecting our planet, we have developed an amazing range of affordable waterproofs with sustainability in mind.

Here is what we do to minimise our environmental impact, & what we plan to do for the future!

Made to Last, the sustainable choice

Our waterproof clothing is made with gender-neutral & unisex designs in mind, rather than focusing from a fashion point of view as this makes sense environmentally and financially!

Using the very best materials and the best craftsmen and women our waterproofs are designed to stand the test of time.

Your waterproof’s will not only fit for longer than any other clothing in your kid's wardrobe thanks to our exclusive design features, the quality and durability of our fabrics and the attention to detail from our fabulous team of tailors and seamstresses will ensure your favourite waterproofs can be passed on to siblings, family or friends....Some of our waterproof sets have been passed through families of 4 or more children.

Should your garment get damaged, we offer spare parts online and via our friendly customer service department.

Our Bubble Boots are also designed with growth and durability in mind. Bubble Boots are made to fit your child as they grow, thanks to our genius design with a removable liner they fit for two shoe sizes and as they are moulded from the amazingly lightweight EVA they will not split or crack!

Team Green

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Here at Wet Wednesdays, we do everything we can to reuse any resources within our work environment, reuse as much as we can and recycle any wastage.

We are proud of Preloved by Wet Wednesdays where used Wet Wednesdays waterproofs are cleaned & inspected to see if they are still in a usable condition, they are then either donated to charity nurseries or are made available to purchase in our community shop. Any items that are not in a usable condition are used for Spares and Repairs.

Our mailbags are made using EPI’s Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA™) which accelerates the rate at which our little mail bags disintegrate & ultimately biodegrade. Plus, all our Agricultural Show bags are designed to be 100% reusable!

Our fabrics are free from harmful chemicals that damage the environment. To ensure this, we have made sure all our Wet Wednesdays waterproofs are made to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which means that that every component has been tested for harmful substances of and meets the highest level.

At our office we recycle & reuse as much as possible, we do this by using vintage or used office & warehouse furniture instead of purchasing new. We also encourage minimal energy consumption at our offices & warehouse, we do this by ensuring all equipment & appliances are powered down at the end of each working day & using energy saving settings on computers if they are in and out of use in the day.

Britain is Great

We chose to use The Royal Mail for your online parcels and pack them in a way that they can come with your normal letter delivery. This cuts emissions drastically by saving on multiple delivery companies delivering to your property daily. In addition, year on year, Royal Mail continues to be the most trusted national delivery company whilst having the lowest reported gCO2e per parcel of any major UK delivery company and continue to work tirelessly towards a better & greener world.

We work with British small businesses for our product photography, website management, production of mail bags & we work with an independent British designer for our prints!

Goals for the Future

As a sustainable small business, we are always working towards a better environment for us all, so we have set some goals!

By the end of 2024

we want all our waterproofs to be made with recycled fabrics (but keeping that high quality waterproofness)