Your babies first pair of shoes is a big milestone, not just for you but for them too! It’s almost the moment when your baby is becoming a toddler, so no wonder so many parents want to get it right.

We understand how footwear impacts walking and we have looked at children’s biomechanics to ensure that when we are developing footwear (like our Bubble Boots) that we can do everything possible to support the natural development of kids’ feet.

There are often a few stages that babies & toddlers go through, each child is different, but it is important to understand how they all develop as they grow:


Watching your little one crawl is such a special milestone!


This stage is where you baby can finally stand up!

They will often pull themselves around using furniture or holding hands

This is the supported steps they take until they natural progress on their feet to walking unaided.


Your baby has started to walk!

This can often happen between the ages 9-18 months. To begin with, most little ones will have stiff legs and arms held out straight in front of them, however as they develop and gain a confidence with walking, you’ll be chasing them around in no time.

Making sure you have appropriate footwear is such an important step to enable comfortable walking motion, whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Choosing First Walking Shoes

Now that your little one is walking, it is important to keep in mind that their feet can grow VERY quickly so we recommend checking the fit of their shoes every eight weeks.

If you are looking for their first pair of wellington boots, check out our blog on Best Kids Wellies

How to Help Your Child Develop Naturally

Majority of children enjoy physical activity, it’s important to encourage them to stay active as their helps them gain confidence and they will be more likely to enjoy group activities.

We’ve put a list of activities together to help you child develop:

  • Ask your child to help you in the garden & do some gardening
  • Parent and child swimming classes.
  • Dance with your child, using different energy levels and musical styles.
  • Play all sorts of games with other children like tag, hide and seek or ball games
  • Visit your local park or playground
  • Bike rides! Whether it is with or without training wheels.
  • Encourage playing outdoors as much as possible.

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