Beneficial for all children, Forest School Activities are a great way to encourage your little ones to develop this social, emotional, physical and intellectual development without even realising. Whether you are in a school, forest school or at home, you can take part in these 3 forest school ideas.

Advice: We highly recommend dressing appropriately for the outdoors. If you are unsure on how to dress your child for the outdoors, or for forest school, we would recommend reading the Outdoor Clothing Buying Guide.

kids in forest school

Alternatively, if you are dressing your kids for Forest School we would recommend reading: The Official Forest School Kit List – Recommended Clothing

Setting up your own forest school activities at home doesn't need to be fancy, or expensive. You can download these 3 outdoor learning activities for free:

3 Forest School Activities:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Head to your garden, the local park, or woods, anywhere where your little ones will be able to find mini beasts or cool objects. You could split up into teams to make it a bit more competitive or you could all work together.

We've put together a FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt List, You can Download Here.

scavenger hunt

Alternatively you could come up with your own ideas, here's a few to get your started:

  • A colourful mini beast
  • A funny shaped stone
  • A small flower
  • Different types of shells (If you are at the beach

2. Senses Walk

The 5 Senses Walk is a great way to teach your little ones about taste, sight, touch, smell and feel. There are so many walks to do across the UK. If you already go on plenty of walks, you could try out a new route or take a picnic with you. 

This activity is will encourage your little ones to learn outdoors & burn off that built up energy.

They can look for their 5 senses in the any environment. This benefit your kids as it will also help give them that little bit of independence.

3. Leaf Hunt

This idea is great to do in an area with lots of trees. This could be a woodland near you, or maybe a neighbourhood that has lots of planted trees. This activity may be better to do in the Spring or the Autumn as it will be easier to find leaves in yellow or brown colours.

This FREE download of the leaf hunt is a fun activity that you can take part in too, alongside your little ones.

If you chose to go to a woodland area, remember to bring along your wellington boots.

Dressing appropriately for an outdoor activity is very important for you and your kids.

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