There is no such thing as free postage! However...

3rd June 2020

There is no such thing as a free lunch

We all know free postage is a myth…… 

For every order a business sends out they have to pay for postage.. that is a fact!!!! Whether the business be as big as Amazon or a family run business like Wet Wednesdays….. 

We have always felt that the fairest way is to pass on the actual cost of postage and packing per parcel…… the other option is to offer ‘Free Postage’ and hide the cost of postage, packing and potential return to each individual item…… this would mean that if a customer ordered more than one item they would actually pay for the postage on each product that they added to their basket.

At Wet Wednesdays we work tirelessly to ensure we offer the very best waterproof clothing from YKK zips to rubber under foot straps, peeked hoods, reflectors and double lined knees and bums for extra rough and tumble. Every choice we make in our design process is based on quality and durability, but we refuse to become a niche brand that only the privileged can afford… Every parent should be able to kit their children out properly in waterproofs made to withstand British weather.

We love what we do and thank you for supporting us… we love all of your feedback, photos and support, you are our family and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts…….