If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from designing wellies & waterproofs over the years, it is that kids LOVE to jump in muddy puddles! It has been something that all ages have enjoyed, long before Peppa Pig made it on to our screens.

If you know a child that is an enthusiast for puddle jumping, walks in the rain and days out at the beach, then a good pair of wellies is essential! Especially in the unpredictable British weather. Wellies need to be able to be put through their paces, so having a sustainable, extremely durable, light pair of boots is at the top of the list. Many companies make their wellies from rubber or PVC which can often crack or split after some use & are not a planet-friendly option. It is also worth considering that children’s feet grow ever so quickly! So, sizing and price need to be considered!

Luckily, we have made and tested the BEST wellie boots for messy adventures!

Why are Bubble Boots the best?

Wet Wednesdays Bubble Boots are super LIGHT wellington boots, made from feather light, super strong yet soft EVA material!

Bubble Boots are by far the most robust pair of wellies you will ever find! Not only do they have a cosy, removable fleece lining (which is great for colder days) but they are designed especially for children’s feet, so they do not fall off if you were to carry you child.

The removable liner provides warmth for your toddler and allows the wellington boot to fit for two sizes! YES… TWO SIZES. For example, if you were to purchase a size 3-4 Bubble Boot, your kid would be in the size 3 when wearing the boot with the liner inside, and then as your child outgrows a size 3, all you need to do is remove the liner and you have the next size up in the boot itself! GENIUS.

The boots themselves are made from EVA and designed in one simple mould, this means that they do not perish, crack, or split!

The EVA material is also super light, to prove this we compared them against a standard pair of Hunter wellies.

So why should you get a pair of Bubble Boots for your baby, toddler, or child?

  • Bubble Boots are over 50% lighter than other wellington boots!
  • Bubble Boots come with a removable, machine-washable liner, which allows the boot to fit for TWO sizes!
  • Bubble Boots are made from EVA which is a non-toxic material
  • Bubble Boots are extremely durable, resistant to perishing, cracking, or splitting!
  • Bubble Boots are softer & more comfortable wellies, compared to other standard wellies
  • Bubble Boots start at size 3 infant (EU 20), so this is the perfect starter wellie for babies & first-time walkers
  • Bubble Boots come in 3 bright & fun colours, & also have a reflective strip for safety!
  • Bubble Boots liner can be used in temperatures up to -30’c
  • Bubble Boots are made direct for Wet Wednesdays, so we keep the prices affordable to all customers.
  • Bubble Boots are long lasting and a sustainable choice!

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