Shopping for a effective outerwear can be a little confusing; some are labelled showerproof or water-resistant and some are labelled waterproof.

We have made shopping super easy at Wet Wednesdays as all of our products are 100% waterproof. Tested to withstand the adventures of outdoor play!. To help you understand the different levels of waterproofness and what will offer your children the best protection, you need to know the difference between waterproof and water resistant:


  • Showerproof is when the outer fabric on the product can resist rain. A showerproof jacket for example is treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) to help water fall off the jacket. A showerproof piece of clothing can only provide protection in light rain. A showerproof jacket does not have taped seams. So, the water can easily seep through the material if the rain is heavy or persistent.


  • Water resistant is very similar to showerproof. Water resistant clothing will have the water repellent coating on the outer fabric. Water resistant jackets usually include soft-shell jackets/windproof jackets; these jackets can sometimes be quite expensive and not fully waterproof!.
Waterproof Wet Wednesdays Muddy Puddle Rain Suit


  • Waterproof is when the item of clothing has fully taped seams, and a fully waterproof outer fabric. At Wet Wednesdays they use Polyurethane aka PU material as our outer fabric on all of our waterproofs! We use a membrane lining for our outerwear which allows the clothing to be breathable and completely waterproof! The lining has tiny holes that are so small, no water can seep through. This type of outerwear is suitable for light, heavy and persistent rain; even to sit in puddles with! They keep your children 100% dry without them overheating.

Outerwear can be expensive depending on where you purchase from. At Wet Wednesdays we work closely with our supplier and sell independently to keep our prices super affordable!

Here is the difference between most showerproof/water resistant jackets vs a Wet Wednesday’s outdoor jacket.

Suitable for light/moderate showers.  Suitable for light, heavy & persistent rain.
Fabric has been treated with DWR.Made with waterproof fabric with membrane lining.
No taped seams/not fully taped seams.   Fully Taped seams
Can range from very cheap to expensive.  
Standard Zippers. 
Super affordable.
Waterproof YKK Zippers

The friendly and expert team at Wet Wednesdays is always happy to help. If you need any advice or guidance on the right outdoor clothing for your children, please feel free to Contact Us.