Temperatures are going up and the sun is coming out more often... The UK now has a reality where summertime can actually get HOT! This is why we need to prepare not only ourselves but also our children during a heatwave.

We’ve come up with 5 effective ways to protect your children during a heatwave:

1. Sunscreen for Children & Babies

Applying Sunscreen to a little girls face

Children, and especially babies, have really sensitive skin when it comes to burns! This is why it is important to purchase a sunscreen specifically for children. Or one that will be delicate on their skin but will be quickly absorbed with a minimum of SPF 5.

A helpful tip when purchasing sunscreen for your little one is to check the UVA and UVB ratings. You want to make sure the sunscreen you purchase has also been dermatologically tested so it can be used by children.

Reminder: If you are going on holiday to the beach, or somewhere that has a lake or pool. Make sure you purchase water-resistant sunscreen.

2. Cover Up Correctly

When it gets hot, we often end up wearing a lot less, however making sure your children are covered up correctly will help prevent unwanted sunburn. A baby cap is essential in the sun, we would recommend purchasing one with brims to cover the ears and offer neck protection & preferably made from a material that will be comfortable for them to wear.

This also applies to little ones, ensuring their summer hat correctly covers their head, neck and ears will allow them to enjoy the heatwave.

A helpful tip when dressing your children in the heatwave is to ensure their clothes are light and airy, this is often clothes made from soft linen or cotton. We recommend wearing light colours such as pastels & whites as they reflect the sunlight away – unlike dark colours which can get very warm.

Little Girl playing on the beach

3. Sun Protection Accessories

Sunglasses for babies & your children are highly recommended on a sunny day when the UV rays are strong. Make sure you purchase a pair of glasses that will protect them from the UVA & UVB radiation. They should say something like ‘100% protection from UVA & UVB rays’

If you have a baby, a hood with UPF 50+ Sun Protection will provide protection against harmful rays and help keep your baby cooler. Remember to NEVER cover the hood with a muslin square or a blanket as this can cause lead to diaper stroke.

4. Stay Hydrated

Little Boy having a drink

Keeping your children properly hydrated is one of the most important steps to keeping them safe in the sun & heat. Switch juices to water if you can! However, we know the reality of parenting so maybe try cordial to put in the water.

Alternatively, you could make a ‘summer drink’, get some water and add all things refreshing… lemons, summer fruit, and ice and then your child will not only stay hydrated, but they will have fun making it with you.

5. Keep an Eye on the Time

The sun is normally at its strongest between 11 am and 3 pm. Avoid direct sunlight for these hours, this will protect your kids from the radiation when it is at its strongest.

Boy playing on a bridge in Wellies

We know that in reality, not everyone is able to do this. Make sure that if you have a walk you try to go somewhere where trees will provide shade. Remember to take all of our safety recommendations into account too. (Sunscreen, cover-up, sun accessories, and stay hydrated!)

Why is protecting them from the sun & heat important?

As young children have such thin skin, it is ever so important to protect them from the sun as without the proper protection it could lead to skin irritations, sunstroke or worse. Remember to apply sunscreen regularly on parts of the body such as the shoulders, nose, chin, and forehead as these often burn quickly.

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