One of the largest sensory events of the year is Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Night. Lots of different things all happening at once, with loud explosions from fireworks, bright coloured flashes; although it can be a super exciting time, it is important to keep your little ones safe.

Whether you are going to a big public display, or celebrating in your back garden, make sure you stick together & put safety first. We’ve come up with the top tips on how to stay safe whilst celebrating Bonfire Night.

3 Top Tips on Keeping Your Children Safe on Bonfire Night

1. Keep a Safe Distance from Bonfires & Fireworks.

Although bonfires are lovely & warm, and the fireworks can be captivating, you must keep your children at a safe distance away from any flames or fireworks.

Bonfires can often crackle which will cause some sparks to fly out, it is also important to keep them away from the smoke that comes from the bonfire.

Fireworks can also be extremely dangerous at close so please use them sensibly, ensure they are securely aimed upright before letting them off & keep at a safe distance away from them.

Kids Keep a Safe Distance from Bonfires & Fireworks.

2. Use Sparklers Safely.


When letting your children use sparklers, either assist them or ensure they can hold it away from their body safely.

It is also a great idea to wear gloves when holding the sparklers.

Once you are all finished, put the sparklers in a bucket of water and do not pick them back up.

3. Dress Appropriately & Wrap Up Warm.

Firework displays are often later in the evening in the month of November, as this is when Bonfire Night is celebrated.

November in the UK is often wet, cold & windy so it is important to wear warm, waterproof clothing.

our little ones need to be in something that is waterproof & warm, if you dress them in something that is not waterproof & it rains, they will likely end up wet & cold.


We would advise putting your little one in an all-in-one puddle suit with fleece lining, or a two-piece set to keep them warm & dry. It is also a great idea to make sure their head, hands & feet are covered, a merino wool hat will keep their head warm under their hood, and you could pair this with thermal lined wellies & fleece lined mittens to keep them fully insulated.

Extra Top Tip - Wear Reflectors

Wearing high visibility clothing is so important in the winter. With darker nights it is almost impossible to be seen if you are wearing dark colours. We recommend wearing outerwear that has reflectors and brightly coloured prints.

Think at a firework display, whether you are walking back to the car or walking home, there will no doubt be cars around after the show and it will be dark.

You can stay safe by staying seen in bright clothing & making sure your child knows basic road safety.

Some other tips we have would be:

  • Don’t throw things into the bonfire, or poke it
  • Keep little ones with grown-up at all times, and hold hands
  • Protect small children’s ears! Earmuffs are great for this, or a hat pulled over the ears with a hood up.

If you catch any flames on your clothes, do not panic, please… Stop, drop & roll!

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