Children should be able to play outdoors regardless of the elements, even in the cold weather. At Wet Wednesdays, we strongly believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!  So, we’ve put together the top 5 tips for keeping children warm in the cold weather:

1. Thermal Base layers

Layers, layers, layers. This is very important when dressing your little one for outdoor play. Thermal base layers will help keep the heat in & keep your kids warm and comfortable for hours. Thermal tops and trousers work well as they help to wick away the moisture from the skin and keep the heat in better than a standard cotton top or legging.

2. Waterproof Lined Jackets or Puddle Suits

Whether you have snow or rain, a waterproof jacket will keep you children dry & if you have a fleece lined waterproof jacket, it will help keep your kids extra warm on top of their base layers and clothing. We recommend a fleece lined waterproof coat over a parker or puffer jacket, we find that parkers and puffers are not fully waterproof so as soon as their jacket gets a little bit wet, the cold will start to creep in.


They can also be overly bulky making it difficult for your child to move and play freely.

By using a Fleece-Lined Waterproof Jacket or a Fleece-Lined Puddle Suit, you can avoid these issues and your child can stay warm & dry and play freely.

3. Waterproof Lined Dungarees/Trousers

Great to pair with a Fleece-Lined Waterproof Jacket for full cold weather coverage, we highly recommend a good pair of Fleece-Lined Trousers or Dungarees for winter walks with the family or for exploring outside. Fleece Lined Trousers are easier for toilet training however the straps on a Dungaree are great for holding them up on little ones.

4. Heads, Hands & Feet! – Cold Weather Accessories

Heat escapes through the head, hands and the feet so covering all areas along side base-layers, and a waterproof outer is key to keeping your kids warm in the cold. We recommend a warm bobble hat to wear under a waterproof hood, merino wool hats are great for keeping heat in. Remember to cover the neck too, a snuggly snood or scarf will keep the heat in.

Waterproof fleece lined gloves are a must! Whether your kids are playing in the rain or the snow, having a waterproof pair of mittens will keep their hands dry and warm for hours of play.


Warm and dry feet are so important for outdoor play. We recommend with a pair of Bubble boots ( wellies with a thermal removable liner) or waterproof boots paired with warm thick/layered socks. If their feet are dry then they are less likely to get cold, so having waterproof footwear is key in the cold weather.

5. Remember to Eat

You need energy to play, especially in the cold weather. Remember to eat warm filling meals and drink plenty of water.


Eating in between playing is also a great way to have a warmup break.

A flask of warm soup if great on a cold winter’s day.

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