Autumn is the season for walking in the woods. The air is crisp, leaves are falling & the colours are a mix of orange, red & yellow.

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Although the summer season has ended, it is still important to exercise daily, this includes walking in the woods.

Woodland walking has lots of benefits for children and adults alike. Majority of UK forests are open year round and free to visit.

Here are 5 Reasons Walking in the Woods Benefits Children:

1. Teaches Children to Appreciate Nature

Taking the time to stop & be in awe of your surroundings. The colours, the smells, the different types of trees, insects, and animals around you. Modelling your behaviour can teach children how to be mindful & appreciative of nature.

2. They Become Healthier

There are multiple blogs and studies on the many health benefits of walks in woodlands & forests. This is why many schools & nurseries now offer outdoor play, and forest schools are more popular year on year. The benefits of outdoors & forest school links very closely to Montessori. You can ready more about What is Montessori & Why is it Useful? in one of our blogs. Woodland walks help reduce bloody pressure, boost immunity & maintain weight if it is used as a regular exercise.

3. Helps Them Be Happier

Studies online have shown that people who live near trees often experience less depression.

Being surrounded by a green environment such as forestry & woodland areas can help improve self-esteem and your general mood.

Spending time walking through woodland areas can have a positive impact on the way your child may feel.

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4. Walking in the Woods Boosts Creativity

When kids are outside, they are exposed to nature which often results in them becoming more creative.

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They can use a combination of their senses and their imagination. The best example is going on a walk and finding a stick.

This isn’t just a stick, it could be a magic wand, a brave knights sword, a unicorn to ride on. Children are more creative when exposed to nature. They can use all their senses rather than just sight and sound; they can use their imaginations.

Children in nature-based playgrounds engage in more creative play than children in traditional structure-based playgrounds.

5. It Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Walking through the woods or even just sitting in forests can help reduce blood pressure and decrease levels of the stress hormone. It also puts the body into a relaxed state by increasing parasympathetic nervous system activity. If you can’t get to the woods today try looking at photos or drawings of trees as this has a positive effect too.

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