Bubble Boots

Wet Wednesdays Bubble Boots are super light wellingtons made from featherlight, super strong, soft EVA material. They are fantastic for the rain, snow and summer time fun!
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The wellies fit for two sizes, the inner removable liner makes the wellington boot fit the first size and when the child grows out of that size, by removing the liner, the welly fits the second size perfectly allowing your toddler to enjoy muddy puddles for twice as long as a standard rubber boot or kids shoe! For example a boot sized Infant size 3 is in fact a size 3 liner and with the liner removed is a size 4! The boots and liners are designed to fit babies & children's' feet perfectly, so they do not easily fall off if you are carrying your little one. These kids' wellie boots are super easy for your little ones to put on by themselves, and stay on all day long as they are specially designed for children's feet. Kids are able to jump in mud, work on the farm and play without the worry of wear and tear from the outdoors, these wellies are designed & made in one mould so they do not perish, crack or split!
  • Reflective Feature
  • Removable Liner
  • Sustainable Choice
  • Durable & Light Weight


Our sizing is based on a child’s height; for example, 100cm is designed to fit children approximately 100cm tall, measured from top of head to toe.


It is suitable to size up if your childs height is close to the measurement (IF YOUR CHILD IS 98CM THEN SIZE 100CM WILL FIT)

We hand measure all of our waterproofs by laying them down on a flat surface. To get the best possible size, we recommend finding an item of clothing that fits your child perfectly and laying down on a flat surface. Compare our measurements with yours so that you can find the perfect size for your child.

To find the best measurement for a jacket, we recommend looking at the Cuff to Cuff measurement. Ask your child to stand like a scarecrow with their arms out straight, and measure from one cuff to the other.

Wet Wednesdays sizing is specially designed in the UK to allow room for growth and the freedom to move & play.

Outdoors Jacket
Size Height Length Front & Back ½ Chest Cuff to Cuff
1-2 Years 80cm 41-44cm 37cm 78cm
2-3 Years 90cm 45-48cm 38.5cm 86cm
3-4 Years 100cm 49-52cm 40cm 94cm
4-5 Years 110cm 53-56cm 41.5cm 102cm
5-7 Years 120cm 57-60cm 43cm 110cm
7-8 Years 130cm 60-63cm 44.5cm 118cm
9-11 Years 150cm 66-69cm 48cm 136cm
12-14 Years 170cm 62-75cm 52cm 156cm
Outdoors Fleece-Lined Jacket
Size Height Length Front & Back ½ Chest Cuff to Cuff
1-2 Years 80cm 41-44cm 38cm 78cm
2-3 Years 90cm 45-48cm 39.5cm 86cm
3-4 Years 100cm 49-52cm 41cm 94cm
4-5 Years 110cm 53-56cm 42.5cm 102cm
5-7 Years 120cm 57-60cm 44cm 110cm
7-8 Years 130cm 60-63cm 45.5cm 118cm
School Rain Coat
Size Height Length Front & Back ½ Chest Cuff to Cuff
1-2 Years 80cm 48-51cm 34cm 78cm
2-3 Years 90cm 51-54cm 36cm 86cm
3-4 Years 100cm 54-57cm 38cm 94cm
4-5 Years 110cm 57-60cm 40cm 102cm
5-7 Years 120cm 60-63cm 42cm 110cm
7-8 Years 130cm 63-66cm 44cm 118cm
Outdoors Dungarees (Unlined)
Size Height Inseam ½ Hip
1-2 Years 80cm 32cm 37.5cm
2-3 Years 90cm 36cm 39cm
3-4 Years 100cm 40cm 40.5cm
4-5 Years 110cm 45cm 42cm
5-7 Years 120cm 50cm 43.5cm
7-8 Years 130cm 55cm 45cm
9-11 Years 150cm 67cm 48.5cm
12-14 Years 170cm 81cm 52.5cm
Outdoors Fleece Lined Dungarees
Size Height Inseam ½ Hip
1-2 Years 80cm 32cm 38.5cm
2-3 Years 90cm 36cm 40cm
3-4 Years 100cm 40cm 41.5cm
4-5 Years 110cm 45cm 43cm
5-7 Years 120cm 50cm 44.5cm
7-8 Years 130cm 55cm 65cm
Outdoors Trousers (Unlined)
Size Height Inseam ½ Waist Stretched ½ Waist Relaxed
1-2 Years 80cm 32cm 34.5cm 20cm
2-3 Years 90cm 36cm 36cm 21.5cm
3-4 Years 100cm 40cm 37.5cm 23cm
4-5 Years 110cm 45cm 39cm 24.5cm
5-7 Years 120cm 50cm 40.5cm 26cm
7-8 Years 130cm 55cm 42cm 27.5cm
9-11 Years 150cm 67cm 45.5cm 31cm
12-14 Years 170cm 81cm 49.5cm 35cm
Outdoors Fleece Lined Trousers
Size Height Inseam ½ Waist Stretched ½ Waist Relaxed
1-2 Years 80cm 32cm 35.5cm 20cm
2-3 Years 90cm 36cm 37cm 21.5cm
3-4 Years 100cm 40cm 38.5cm 23cm
4-5 Years 110cm 45cm 40cm 24.5cm
5-7 Years 120cm 50cm 41.5cm 26cm
7-8 Years 130cm 55cm 43cm 27.5cm
Outdoors All in One (Unlined)
Size Height Inseam ½ Chest Cuff to Cuff
1-2 Years 80cm 30cm 37cm 78cm
2-3 Years 90cm 35cm 39cm 86cm
3-4 Years 100cm 40cm 41cm 94cm
Outdoors Fleece Lined All in One
Size Height Inseam ½ Chest Cuff to Cuff
1-2 Years 80cm 30cm 37cm 78cm
2-3 Years 90cm 35cm 39cm 86cm
3-4 Years 100cm 40cm 41cm 94cm
4-5 Years 110cm 45cm 43cm 102cm
5-7 Years 120cm 50cm 45cm 110cm
7-8 Years 130cm 55cm 47cm 118cm

Our Bubble Boots are designed to fit your child for two sizes, as an example; a size 3-4 Bubble Boot (listed as 3 Infant) fits for two sizes, as the inside liner is a size 3 and the wellington itself is a size 4. Once they have outgrown a size 3, you take the liner out and they fit in the next size up (the wellington by itself.

The wellingtons are listed as below
  • 3 Infant (is a size 3 liner and size 4 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 20 Liner 21 Wellington
  • 4 Infant (is a size 4 liner and size 5 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 21 Liner 22 Wellington
  • 5 Infant (is a size 5 liner and size 6 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 22 Liner 23 Wellington
  • 6 Infant (is a size 6 liner and size 7 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 23 Liner 24 Wellington
  • 7 Infant (Is a size 7 liner and size 8 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 24 Liner 25 Wellington
  • 8 Infant (Is a size 8 liner and size 9 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 26 Liner 27 Wellington
  • 9 Infant (Is a size 9 liner and size 10 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 27 Liner 28 Wellington
  • 10 Infant (is a size 10 liner and size 11 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 28 Liner 29 Wellington
  • 11 Infant (Is a size 11 liner and size 12 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 30 Liner 31 Wellington
  • 13 Infant (Is a size 13 liner and size 14 wellington boot) Europe sizing = 32 Liner 33 Wellington
Outdoor Hats

The Great British Bobble & Our Sou'wester Rain Hats are different sizes. The Merino Wool Bobble Hats are available in two sizes, and the rain hats are available in three sizes.

The Great British Bobble:
  • Size Small/Medium (S/M) - Suitable for ages 1-3 years old.
  • Size Medium/Large (M/L) - Suitable for ages 4-11 years old.
Sou'wester Rain Hat:
Using a tape measure, measure your head about one-half inch above your eyebrows where your hat will rest.
  • Size Small - Suitable for ages 1-3 years old. Diameter 52cm.
  • Size Medium - Suitable for ages 3-5 years old. Diameter 54cm.
  • Size Large - Suitable for ages 5-11 years old. Diameter 56cm.
Waterproof Mitten Gloves

These mittens have a longer length design to reduce the risk of gaps between your child's hand & sleeve. There is an elasticated band to keep the mitt in place as well as having a popper to attach to its mate or to a rain jacket. We have improved our sizing, so our mittens are suitable for your baby, toddler or for your older children!

Waterproof Mittens:
  • Size Small - Suitable for ages 1-3 years old.
  • Size Medium - Suitable for ages 4-8 years old.
  • Size Large - Suitable for ages 9-11 years old.

5.00 Average 13 Reviews


Verified Buyer

3 days ago


Verified Buyer

Fabulous colour for a little girl, liner is a great idea even worn with ballerina dress.

5 days ago


Verified Buyer

My first order from Wet Wednesdays of the smallest little Wellies arrived in double quick time. It was the first time my granddaughter had ever worn wellies. They were so lightweight she soon got used to wearing them and with the extra comfort lining they should last her quite a while.

5 days ago

Hayley R

Verified Buyer

These are the most hard-wearing light weight wellies I've ever found. my daughter loves them so much plus they are cosy with the thermal liner! her other wellies usually crack and spit but these never do that and they last for such a long time... would 100% recommend the wellies.

2 weeks ago


Verified Buyer

Great for early walkers with little feet as light and short in the leg

3 weeks ago


Verified Buyer

Well made

3 weeks ago


Verified Buyer

Unbelievably light compared to other brands I'd looked at so my little one was easily running around and stomping in puddles, right away! Really like that they're made in one mould, rather than a shoe part and a sole, so they're much less likely to get leaks! Would certainly recommend and will be buying from here again for his next size!

1 month ago


Verified Buyer

Great boots. True to size (the inner liner). Very, very light and perfect for keeping little feet dry. Would happily recommend.

1 month ago


Verified Buyer

This is the second pair of Bubble boots that I have purchased for my Grandson. These boots are amazing! I wouldn't consider buying anything else. Very quick delivery and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

4 months ago


Verified Buyer

I bought wellies for my 1-year old from Wet Wednesdays and they have been fantastic! He has been using them for a few months now and we still haven't had to remove the lining to size up. They are so light, which is great for someone who is still toddling around. We have not had any leaks and they still look brand new despite lots of wear. I highly recommend. I wish they came in some more fun colours, but that's just a minor thing :)

7 months ago


Verified Buyer

ouldn’t be without our bubble boots they are absolutely amazing! They are comfy and keep your little ones feet warm and dry. They are great value for money as they actually cover two sizes as they have a removable inner liner. They are perfect for your little children especially if they are just learning to walk as they are super light! We use ours a lot on our farm and they withstand a lot and they wash well. We have a range of colours for my boy and girl and they look great on and the bright colours make them easy to see when playing. Definitely recommend you buy these especially if you love the outdoors you won’t be disappointed!

8 months ago


Verified Buyer

These bubble boots are SUPER light. After my little girl had 2 hip operations I wanted something not to clompy and heavy and these are just perfect. She can run around easily and never complains of them being too heavy, like many children’s wellies are. They’re also very easy to get on and off and they dry VERY quickly if your little one goes in a puddle too deep, which is fab! You can just take out the liner and give the boots a wipe. Best part is they last 2 shoe sizes! My daughters feet grow so quickly so this saves lots of money

8 months ago

Anna F

Verified Buyer

Best wellies ever! They are as light as a feather and super easy to put on! Also comes with a sock that's removable 😀

8 months ago

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