Working together for a cleaner environment

At Wet Wednesdays we understand how our Modern Lifestyle can affect the environment and sometimes making purchases that are kind to the planet can be more expensive than the alternatives available. Our goal at Wet Wednesdays was to develop a great range of waterproofs that were affordable to everyone whilst respecting the planet for our children’s future.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure our carbon footprint is gentle on our planet and are continually striving for Wet Wednesdays and all of the Wet Wednesdays’ team to be Carbon Neutral.

These are the ways we are achieving this…

Offsetting Unavoidable Carbon emissions

We believe it is our responsibility at Wet Wednesdays to work at not only reducing our Carbon Footprint but to also offset any unavoidable carbon emissions.

We are currently working with The Woodland Trust and ClimateCare who are trusted by the world’s leading organizations to deal with complex issues around climate and sustainability. With over 150 years’ collective experience in the global carbon markets and climate change sector they make a real difference for the world to create positive social and environmental outcomes.

In addition, we are 100% focused on ensuring every decision we make for Wet Wednesdays is kind to our planet.



All our Wet Wednesdays’ bags used at our Agricultural Shows are designed to be 100% reusable. Our bags are of high quality and have your child’s name written on them (This Bag Belongs to……). This makes each bag a special gift that your child will keep as a toy tidying bag, great for keeping all sorts of treasures in……


Wet Wednesdays make all our mailbags using EPI’s Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA™) which accelerates the rate at which our little mail bags disintegrate and ultimately biodegrade.

Shoe Boxes

In developing Wet Wednesdays Bubble Boots, we have decided not to use any unnecessary boot boxes…. Our boots are robust enough to get through the post without being damaged.

Postage and Logistics

Trust Royal Mail

We chose to use The Royal Mail for your online parcels and pack them in a way that they can come with your normal letter delivery. This cuts emissions drastically by saving on multiple delivery companies delivering to your property daily. In addition, year on year, Royal Mail continues to be the most trusted national delivery company whilst working tirelessly towards offsetting carbon emissions and working towards a better and greener world.


We have one shipment of stock to our warehouse each year. We order each shipment 9 months in advance of our required delivery date… thought this is difficult on cashflow we are able to ship by one container over sea at a speed that is more environmentally friendly producing just over 2% of the CO2e (a measure of relative global warming potential)  compared to the CO2e produced if the freight is carried by plane for the same distance. A clear difference. 1

Maritime shipping is the most carbon efficient form of transportation, shipping goods across the ocean often results in fewer carbon emissions than transporting locally produced goods domestically. 2

Our Working Environment

Ditching high energy using offices and going remote was one of the first green initiatives we embraced with 2 out of 3 members of the Wet Wednesdays Team working from home we have cut employees driving to and from work every day to cut down on greenhouse gas. This initiative is also a great way for Wet Wednesdays to work with some of the best talent in the UK that have ditched their 9-5 city lifestyles to spend time with their families and enjoy everyday adventures all of which makes for a perfect team that understand and love Wet Wednesdays and all that we stand for.

Embracing a remote work environment

US Data suggests that if people with compatible jobs worked from home just half the time, the national savings could total over £397 billion pound per year. 3

Recycle and Reuse

In addition to recycling everything that can be recycled, we think green when buying or replacing items. Wet Wednesdays uses used or vintage office and warehouse furniture instead of brand-new pieces.

Clean and Care

As the health and environmental impacts of conventional cleaning products become more thoroughly understood, Wet Wednesdays’ endeavour to only use healthy, green cleaning methods and products in our office and warehouse.

Minimal Energy Consumption

At Wet Wednesdays we ensure all equipment and appliances are powered down every night and carry a minimum of an A energy efficiency rating. Whilst we are on tour at the UK Agricultural shows our living is powered by solar energy wherever possible.

Product Development

Reuse, recycle

Wet Wednesdays has led the way with unisex and gender-neutral clothing, not from a fashion or trend point of view but it makes sense environmentally and financially as children’s clothes can easily be passed on to siblings, relations and friends….we have been told that some of our Waterproof sets have been passed on through families of 4 or more children that use them daily on their farms.

Designed to last…

Made from amazingly soft & supple ,100% waterproof, PU fabric with welded seams and reinforced knees and bum we ensure our jackets, coats, dungarees, trousers and Bubble Boots can take the rough and tumble of our fun loving, adventurous offspring and be passed on time and time again.

Designed to fit year after year

All of Wet Wednesdays’ products are specifically designed to fit for a two to three year period.

Jackets and Coats

Cuffs are fastened with high quality Velcro so when the jacket is first purchased it can be comfortably scrunched up and will lengthen as their arms grow.


Waterproof dungarees and trouser are finished with high quality elastic at the ankle so you can buy them long and they do not drag on the ground causing a trip hazard and invariably ripping. Legs are narrow so that extra length is scrunched up the leg rather than causing bulk at the ankle.


High quality elastic is double stitched into the waist band for optimum comfort and stretch in the trousers. Poppers at the waist of the dungarees allow for tummy growth.


The dungarees allow for 6-8 inches of growth with extendable should straps.


Rubber under foot straps keep the trousers and dungarees from riding up as your child grows.

Bubble Boots

We designed our Bubble Boots with growth in mind… molded out of one piece of EVA the boots cannot split or crack and with the exclusively designed inner sock they are designed to be worn with the liner in the winter then as your child’s foot grows the liner can be removed making the welly fit the next size up making a great lightweight summer wellington boot.

Web Hosting

Taking responsibility for the environment means there is an increasing need to obtain energy from renewable sources in any way we can, therefore our Web hosting electricity needs are powered from 100 percent carbon dioxide free and renewable hydroelectric power.

If every company was to make the same ethical choices as us our environment would be spared 11,024 tons of CO2 annually in just Web Hosting.

1 The Eco Guide to Cargo Ships

2 Carbon Emissions FAQ

3 US Latest Mobile Work/Remote Work Statistics

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