NEW Super Light Bubble Boots

1st November 2019

Introducing BUBBLE BOOTS

Bubble Boots are Wet Wednesday’s new design of super lightweight children’s wellington boots. They are made from strong quality EVA material which makes them fantastic for outdoor play in the rain and snow. As the Bubble Boots are made from one overall mould, there is no chance of the wellington splitting.

The best part about this wellie is that it works over two sizes. The inner removable liner is the size down from the wellie itself. As an example, a size 5-6 wellington would have a size 5 inner removable liner and the wellington itself is a size 6; therefore, Bubble Boots last twice as long than a standard welly!

The inner removable liner is thermal and will keep little toes warm down to -30c, plus they are possibly the lightest children's wellies ever! Weighing less than 100 grams!

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Unisex Waterproof Sets - Promote Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for a Better Environment!

1st May 2019

Customers have always loved the gender-neutral colours and prints in our collections, not from a fashion or trend point of view, but because they make sense environmentally and financially as unisex children’s clothes are more easily passed on to siblings, relations and friends. We have been told that some of our waterproof sets have been passed on through families of 4 or more children that use them daily on their farms!

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