How to Protect Your Children During a Heatwave?

17th June 2022

Summertime and holiday season here, meaning temperatures are going out and the sun is coming out more often!

The UK now has a reality where summertime can actually get HOT! This is why we need to prepare not only ourselves, but our babies & little ones. We’ve come up with 5 effective ways to protect your children in a heatwave:

Summer Ice Cream

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What Makes Kids Happy Outdoors ?

7th June 2022

British summertime is here, that means all of us are spending more time outdoors & we believe this is the best place for growing adventurers to learn & play. The benefits from being outside are endless, especially now that the air is fresh & the outdoors is in full bloom!

We know how much little one’s love to be outside, so we’ve put together a list of 10 things that make kids happy when they get outside:

Happy Kid Outdoors Beach

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