Spring Bird Feeder Challenge

15th March 2021

With Spring on the horizon it is such a great opportunity to get out and about with you little ones. Whether it be in your garden or a loved ones garden (when the restrictions allow) nothing beats some fresh air and making memories.

With the birds and wildlife coming alive with the warmer weather and the longer days we have got a wonderful and easy treat for you to make for our feathered friends, who are currently busy nest building. These easy bird feeders are perfect for little ones to make and they are easy and ecofriendly, not a piece of plastic in sight!

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Spring Time Adventures

19th February 2021

With February nearing an end there is a great opportunity to get outside and spot the first signs of Spring. This can be on a local walk, in your garden or even just from out of your bedroom window. Soon the sunshine will appear and the first spring flowers will nosey through the uncut grass. One of the first flowers to make their Spring appearance is the Snow Drop, you may also see the green stems of the Daffodils poking through. Spring feels really poignant this year, full of hope that we will soon be reunited with our loved ones and enjoying the great outdoors and making memories that we may have missed out on in recent months. 

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Stock Alert!

30th December 2020

I just wanted to personally apologise for our lack of choice of sizes and colours on the Wet Wednesdays website at the moment, please rest assured that we are on it!! You have supported us so much to the point you have nearly bought everything on our website! Which is AMAZING!

Ronald and his amazing team are busy cutting, stitching, and welding with the hope of getting the full range back on the website asap

· Remember to sign up for a Stock Alert to receive an email when the stock arrives – keep an eye on you Spam folder as these emails sometimes get lost!

· Also follow us on social media Instagram and Facebook where we will also keep everyone informed.

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