Day Two! What can you Taste?

16th March 2020

Day Two is all about Taste! it is easy to become visually orientated however, we do have five senses, & by using all of them, or at least more than sight, we can add to the enjoyment of being outdoors.

Here are some super fun activities you can do to encourage the sense of taste.

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Day One, Go for a Walk…. What Can You See?

15th March 2020

In the middle of the Coronavirus scare, let's turn the crisis into a safe opportunity for our little ones.

Lizzie from Wet Wednesdays says it's a great chance to rediscover the outdoors. We can keep our children entertained away from indoor group events and crowded play places. Here're my top tips to turn our current situation into an opportunity to have quality family time. 


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Waterproof vs Water Resistant

4th March 2020

We know that shopping for a waterproof jacket, dungaree/trouser or puddlesuit can be a little confusing; some are labelled showerproof or water-resistant and some are labelled waterproof.

We have made shopping super easy at Wet Wednesdays as all of our products are waterproof and tested to withstand the adventures of outdoor play! To help you understand the different levels of waterproofness and what will offer your children the best protection, you need to know the difference between waterproof and water resistant.

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