World Storytelling Day

14th March 2022

World Storytelling Day celebrates oral storytelling! It is celebrated each year on the 20th of March & the main goal is to encourage as many people possible, whether you are a listener or a storyteller, to get involved.

How did it start?

World Storytelling Day originated in Scandinavia back in 2001; It then spread across the world to Canada, then France and then 25 countries worldwide!

What is the theme for 2022?

Each year the theme for World Storytelling Day changes, this year the theme is ‘Lost & Found’ – Votes were cast, and this theme was chosen as it was inspired by all that we have lost over the past years. Hopefully this theme will help inspire everyone to find what they lost.

What were the previous themes?

World Storytelling Day has had many fantastic themes over the years.

We have listed all the themes since 2004 below:

·         2004 - Birds

·         2005 - Bridges

·         2006 - The Moon

·         2007 - The Wanderer

·         2008 - Dreams

·         2009 - Neighbours

·         2010 - Light and Shadow

·         2011 - Water

·         2012 - Trees

·         2013 - Fortune and Fate

·         2014 - Monsters and Dragons

·         2015 - Wishes

·         2016 - Strong Women

·         2017 - Transformation

·         2018 - Wise Fools

·         2019 - Myths, Legends, and Epics

·         2020 - Voyages

·         2021 - New Beginnings

How can you take part?

Many of your little ones will likely be able to take part at school! Many schools get involved with World Storytelling Day; sometimes from having a guest storyteller, to having children read stories in groups or teaching telling stories.

In the UK there are some groups that participate in a ‘Story Walk’. This is a great activity to encourage people to get outdoors but also to share the pleasant stories. If you are stuck on what story to share, you could focus on a favourite Landmark and share the story behind it!

Story telling doesn’t just have to be someone sat down and talking out loud, it could also be celebrated in connection with other art! Such a dancing, painting, or music.

If you decide to participate, what story will you tell?

Are you a listener? Or a storyteller?

20th March also happens to be The International Day of Happiness! Which you could celebrate along side World Storytelling Day!