Spring Time Adventures

19th February 2021

With February nearing an end there is a great opportunity to get outside and spot the first signs of Spring. This can be on a local walk, in your garden or even just from out of your bedroom window. Soon the sunshine will appear and the first spring flowers will nosey through the uncut grass. One of the first flowers to make their Spring appearance is the Snow Drop, you may also see the green stems of the Daffodils poking through. Spring feels really poignant this year, full of hope that we will soon be reunited with our loved ones and enjoying the great outdoors and making memories that we may have missed out on in recent months. 

Spring resembles new life and if you’re able to enjoy a walk through the countryside you may see new born lambs skipping through the fields, for me the lambs are a beautiful sight and a really British sign of Spring!

During February and March if you listen carefully you will hear the build up and increase in bird song, the garden birds are getting ready to build their spring nests and looking for the perfect spot to set up home. They make noise to attract a mate and also to mark their spot and warn off any other birds who may be eyeing up the same tree!

Have you spotted any big bees yet? Towards the end of February the Queen bees emerge looking for a place to build their nest. If you listen carefully you may hear the buzz of the bees.

As the days get longer and the temperature creeps up the gardens and woodlands come alive again and it is a beautiful sight to see. 

Remember to have a look online at the local public rights of way and plan your adventure carefully. During the time of restrictions you should stay close to home; Spring is all around us so you’ll be able to explore your local park, nature reserve or even your back gardens.

It is time to pack up some snacks and go on an adventure to discover the wonders of Springtime near you! Maybe you could take a notepad and pencil, to do some drawings and make a note of what you have seen. You could collect some fallen twigs and leaves to bring home to make your own artwork. 

When you are next out on your adventures and on your daily exercise have a listen and see if you can hear any birds and have a look for any flowers that might be emerging. Make sure you have your wellies ready for muddy puddles. We would love to see what you get up to and any artwork you have made with nature - please do tag your photos with #wwspringadventures and we would love to share what everyone has been getting up to!