Day Two! What can you Taste?

16th March 2020

Day Two is all about Taste! it is easy to become visually orientated however, we do have five senses, & by using all of them, or at least more than sight, we can add to the enjoyment of being outdoors.

Here are some super fun activities you can do to encourage the sense of taste.

Describe that taste

Whenever children eat, make a habit of describing what they are tasting. Tell them, for example, that the yogurt they are eating is sweet, that their soup is salty, or that they like the taste of this type of cookie because it is sweet.

Things I like & dislike

Draw a large mouth. Provide several old magazines or some photo’s of food. Encourage children to cut pictures of things that can be eaten out of the magazines and glue them on the mouth in the drawing.

Go Outdoors 

Have a picnic outdoors. Don’t worry about the weather just wrap up warm and dry like the Wet Wednesdays customers in these Photographs. Why not only eat food that has been grown outdoors… carrots, apples or ask which of the foods in your picnic were grown outdoors?

Silly faces

Make lunch or snack time interesting by presenting foods in a fun way to help children want to taste them. Cut oval shapes out of cardboard and use adhesive paper to stick them in the bottom of children’s plates. Each oval shall represent a face outline. Use different types of food to create silly faces. For example, salad leaves could represent hair, a cherry tomato could become a nose, pieces of cheese could be used for eyes, and a small sausage could represent a mouth. 


There are so many different activities you can do with your children to discover their sense of taste! Why not try one of the activities above, or if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them! Just comment below.