Day One, Go for a Walk…. What Can You See?

15th March 2020

In the middle of the Coronavirus scare, let's turn the crisis into a safe opportunity for our little ones.

Lizzie from Wet Wednesdays says it's a great chance to rediscover the outdoors. We can keep our children entertained away from indoor group events and crowded play places. Here're my top tips to turn our current situation into an opportunity to have quality family time. 


 Let’s escape from the constant news about the coronavirus and have a mission every day and have some adventures….  When we get home, we can write in a journal, draw pictures or stick some of the treasures we have found on some paper each day focusing on a different sense. Put on your waterproofs and tag us in your photographs and let’s share the adventure

We have the first 5 days covered with your 5 Senses…. 

Day One... What Can You See?

Talk about what you can see. Why not try a scavenger hunt, we have created a simple one on our Facebook Page; use our scavenger hunt list, go outdoors and see if you can find everything on our list!

For the older children why not stand away from them and learn about perspective…. Ask them to put a finger on your head and one on your feet then as you walk towards or away from them see how you grow or shrink.


Exploring the five senses is a simple way for children to learn about how capable their bodies are.  It also lets us explore things in much more detail and really learn about something so much more completely.

By going on a nature walk with a scavenger hunt list, it can help the children explore and learn all about their sense of sight.

Stay Positive & Go Outdoors, even if it only your garden!