Back to School Checklist

17th August 2021

We have all enjoyed some well deserved time off over the Summer holidays, but now as the last couple weeks come to an end, we want to help make your life a little bit easier & make you feel organised. We know how frustrating it can be leaving everything till the last minute, so we have made a checklist of Back to School essentials that you can pick up over the next couple weeks.

Start with the Basics, this checklist includes all of the basic things your little one needs for the new School term. We know that each school varies so it is always best to double check with the School to see if they have a checklist of their own:

  • Pencil case with stationery
  • Rucksack
  • Lunch box & drinks bottle (Packed lunch is a great way to reduce cost spent on lunches)
  • Name labels or some decent waterproof marker pens (These are more important than you think)
  • PE Kit
  • Swimming Kit (If they have lessons at your school)
  • Uniform (Check the uniform requirements with your school)
  • A Calendar.. or a diary (This is for you, there are so many dates to remember, from Half terms to Inset days)
  • Waterproofs & Wellies!

It's important to ensure your child has a decent waterproof coat, and even some wellies as more & more schools & nurseries now have outdoor learning or forest school; this means these lessons will likely take place outside, whatever the weather - this normally ends kids getting muddy!

Our School coat is the ideal jacket to have all year round! It is unlined so you can layer up in the winter time and perfect to wear on top of your children's uniform. This coat is designed a little bit longer in length, so it is ideal to wear over their uniform and perfect for a rainy walk to school! 

Remember spares of everything will come in handy as kids can get messy, it will save you so much time in the week

If their Wet Wednesdays school coat gets muddy, normally it will wipe off super easy or hosing them down with water works too haha!